Everest-BootCampWhat is an Everest BootCamp?

Our BootCamp is a concentrated learning environment designed to teach you the skills you need to initiate ground breaking success in your practice.

Have you ever sat in a report of findings and wondered just what to say to a patient that actually worked?

Have you been frustrated at your patients not understanding why chiropractic care is so important? Are you tired of being chiseled or feel like you work for pennies on the dollar?

The Everest BootCamp creates the fundamental base for you and your patient to understand their needs and wants, for you to communicate how their need for care in your office is the answer to their prayers, why you specifically are THE doctor to correct their problems, and allows you to convey the value of your services to them in way that they understand and buy. No more being the second class doc that gets chiseled and forgotten.

It’s great to learn new stuff, but will you use it?
It is common for Doctors to attend seminars and then get back home, set the notes down with good intentions of using the material later and never quite get to doing anything different after the excitement wears off. Honestly, we’ve all been there and you can likely relate to that concept.

How about learning game changing skills that you can’t wait to use Monday morning?

We understand that speed of implementation is essential for success and we have designed the Everest BootCamp content and learning process so that that you can comfortably use our material on Monday morning following your time with us. Many of our BootCamp graduates tell us that they made their Everest BootCamp tuition back in the first few days in the office following their attendance at our seminar.

What can I expect from an Everest BootCamp?

Arrive open-mined and enter to learn. You will be exhilarated, excited, mesmerized, and at times overwhelmed. Please arrive rested and ready hit the ground running. We have a ton of material to cover with you so that you can streamline your practice and enjoy success starting Monday morning.

It’s not theory to us. Success in practice for our instructors is REAL and tangible.

We lead by example. Our instructors are in the trenches daily in practice, just like you. We practice what we teach with great success. In fact, we love success: yours and ours. All boats rise with the same tide and we have a beautiful profession called Chiropractic to lift up and support. Therefore, we take helping YOU achieve YOUR success seriously. Once you join us, you’re family and you’ve entered into the circle where you’ll find support and guidance by teachers that model by example.

Our seminars are intense, fun learning experiences and they are not like many of the seminars and chiropractic meetings that you’re used to. Please don’t plan on partying Friday night and sleeping through Saturday! We’ve got work to do to polish your skills and we’ll be working with you from start to finish over the two days that you spend with us.

What makes an Everest BootCamp different?

If you’ve been in practice for any length of time you’ll see your entire career pass before your eyes as you sit in our seminar. You’ll begin to see why all the things you tried before didn’t work. Your past challenges and frustrations with your patients and practice will make complete sense. Imagine finding peace by learning a better way to practice successfully that is easy to do and ethical. You will likely wonder why nobody ever taught you this before!

If you’re new to practice, fantastic! You get to start your career on the right path without trying to reinvent wheels or using out dated information that never worked well in the first place.

No contracts, no long term commitments

We’d like you to enjoy your time with us and find unbelievable value in what you receive. When you decide to join us for future learning opportunities, please be there by absolute choice and enthusiasm, not because you’ve been strong armed into being there. Join us because what we teach WORKS.

Upcoming BootCamps

Feb 8th-9th, 2018

Philadelphia, PA Sold Out

April 6th-7th, 2018

Philadelphia, PA Sold Out

May 18th-19th, 2018

Tampa, FL Sold Out

June 29th-30th, 2018

London, England Sold Out

September 28th-29th, 2018

Philadelphia, PA Sold Out

November 2nd-3rd, 2018

Tampa, FL Sold Out

February 1st-2nd, 2019

Philadelphia, PA Sold Out

August 9th-10th, 2019

Philadelphia, PA Sold Out

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February 7th, 2020
Philadelphia, PA

Boot Camp Location
Everybody’s Chiropractic
Dr. Dan Klein
115 E Township Line Rd
Upper Darby, PA 190827
Office: 610-624-4459

Hotel Information

Fairfield Inn Broomall by Marriott
100 Lawrence Road
Broomall, PA 19008

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April 24th-25th, 2020
Painesville, OH

Boot Camp Location
Senz Family Chiropractic
Dr. Misty Senz
404 Bacon Rd
Painesville, OH 44077
Office: 440-639-1100

Hotel Information

Residence Inn Diamond Center
5660 Emerald Court
Mentor, OH 44060

Holiday Inn Express Diamond Center
7701 Reynolds Rd
Mentor, OH

All the Everest BootCamp’s share a
common schedule ..

Please arrive on Thursday to assure
you are rested and ready to learn!

9am-5pm (lunch provided)


This Boot Camp was totally about changing lives. Changing the lives of our patients and changing the lives of the chiropractors that attended. By far the best practice building event I have ever attended!!! Thank you Dr.’s Mike and Carl for showing me the real way to tremendous success! I have found a new tribe!

Jerry Day DC

Thank you so much for not only helping me and improving the ability to improve my practice but to help my family as well as all of my patients by keeping them from having a terrible quality of life..

William Scheu

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