What is Second Chance BootCamp?

We’ve had the pleasure and the privilege to train some of the greatest leaders in Chiropractic today. The cream rises to the top. Everest trained docs share a common trait, they strive to take their skills higher.

Welcome to a Second Chance BootCamp. Iron sharpens iron. Imagine being in a room with docs that are all Everest trained and are training together to go to the next level.

Well, you’ve got it. Our instructors facilitate a learning environment that polishes already forward thinking doctors. Can you feel the inspiration? Can you sense the motivation to succeed? Yes, this is the place where giants in the field of chiropractic come to refine their skills as hero docs.

You can too. Ready to join us? We’d love to help you reach the next level and accomplish your dreams!

Note: Attendance at two BootCamps or a live BootCamp and a virtual BootCamp is a required prerequisite.

2nd Chance Boot Camp Location