Unbelievable! I had no idea practicing could be so simple. I just finished my first boot camp today and my mind has been blown. I can’t wait to start on Monday. This system just makes sense to me. Out of the 4 coaching systems I’ve been a part of over 8 years, this is the one that is most congruent with today’s patients. I’m happy to call this my new chiropractic family.

Chris Keirnan DC

I’ve only completed the first day and already my mind is blown! This is different from any other chiropractic seminar I have ever attended. No rah rah bs, just pure gold that you implement into your practice first thing Monday morning. Invest in yourself and the profession and sign up immediately!

Jason Reinarts

I literally don’t know how to captivate what Everest has done for me, my family, and my patients. I beat my head against the wall for years because I just couldn’t get to a point that practice was totally free and fun.

Now, post-Everest, it’s indescribable! Get there, however it has to happen! You’ll never look back!

Josh Paxton DC

Ive heard so much about Everest from great docs/friends but wasn’t sure the hype was warranted. I can tell you it is!! So excited to have this info and it really resonates with me and looking forward to get back into the practice on Monday ��

Roxane Zamora

Everest has allowed me help people reach their health goals. They START CARE & do the things they love to do! I get to enjoy a smooth practice, great team & an awesome system no matter what type of practice you want. I love my Everest family.

Kelly Synowiec-Moroney

It was and IS PHEnomenal to have the opportunity to attend and work with the doctors! The material is gold, the doctors insane (in a good way!), and the work they put in is enormous! The biggest take away I have is they value chiropractic, and they inspire you to increase your own value for it. Do it.

Isaiah A. Crevier

Absolutely awesome seminar, great content and information, and a huge movement in the profession. You can tell how great the Mafia is by seeing the best in the profession still coming to bootcamp. I can’t wait to implement this when I start practice and I’m even more pumped to be a part of the Mafia!

Jeff Watson DC

Best program in 14 years of chiropractic.
Top notch system to produce results you can implement immediately.
The community of Everest grads are such a cool, fun group of people who are extremely helpful and knowledgable and willing to share!
Get to bootcamp. It will change your life!

Lenny Roberts

I can’t believe I’ve been in practice almost 21 years and never heard this info! Amazingly straightforward to the heart procedures to change your practice life. Don’t hesitate, don’t walk, run to register for the next bootcamp!

Randy Hale

I’m going to graduate in a year, but I am committed to selling chiropractic and will prepare myself to be a closer. Best seminar I have been to, hands down.

John Hemingson

Mind blowing how in depth and thorough the boot camp is. Well worth it. Monday morning we are making some great changes!

Jace Foss

Unbelievable simple way to truly learn how explin the subluxation to patients. You won’t learn this in school or by any expensive “coaches”.

Edward S. McNamara

The best no B.S seminar that will teach you exactly
What you need to do to close patients on chiropractic and then deliver the goods.

Chris Fischer

Hands down the most important weekend of my Chiropractic education. This crew of docs consistently over delivers and are dedicated to helping you succeed in practice.

Vince Bertolini

Wow! The boot camp is a heck of a great thing! Wish I’d have done this so much sooner!

Jay Alexander Hafner